27 October 2007

Gentle Giant

This cake was a 4 layer cinnamon/vanilla butter cake, brushed with rum syrup, filled with chocolate ganache, iced in italian meringue buttercream and covered in fondant. He was so much fun to make. I had a hard time letting him go too. As I do all of them!

26 October 2007

Friendly Witch

Happy Halloween... This cake was made for a Realtor's Community Cares Silent Auction event last night. It was a 4 layer white butter cake, filled with raspberry jam and iced in buttercream, covered in fondant, with an edible glitter painted dress. I was truly sad to see her go!
Special thanks to Lynne Boykin, one special lady, for asking for my participation in the event! I sincerely appreciate all of her support!!

23 October 2007

Bedtime Fun

Made for a Jack-n-Jill Shower for my neighbor's party, this was a vanilla/cinnamon cake, coated with rum syrup, 2 layers of vanilla itialian meringue buttercream and 1 layer of chocolate ganache. Inspired from Debbie Brown, this was a great cake to create. Although it took some time, scuplting the hands and feet, it was well worth it.

22 October 2007

Gymboree Birthday Explosion

Made for a client's granddaughter Abby's 3rd birthday with Gymbo the clown on the side. Abby chose this design from 3 different sketches! This was a vanilla butter confetti cake with buttercream & fresh strawberry filling. Would have loved to see her face! Heard it went over very well!!

Stacked Pillows

Hey, I had to do this one last minute! It was a chocolate cake with cookies and cream. requested by my client... It was for their daughter's 18th birthday. She was receiving a diamond necklace that evening. I copied it and laid it on the pillow. The recipeint's favorite colors are inocrporated in the cake. I really enjoyed this one and only had a day to work on it!!

Sleepy Pirate

This cake was made for a pirate themed party. It was a banana cake with a cinnamon italian meringue buttercream and kaluha chocolate ganache. I hated to see this one go. It was too cute!!

CD Cake

This cake was a blast to make. My neighbor asked me if I would make her a cowbell cake, based off of the SNL skit "More Cowbells", featuring the Blue Oyster Cult's song, "Don't Fear the Reaper". (It is Hilarious!!) After I did some research, I found this CD cover and made it into a cake. It was red velvet with cream cheese filling. Torrey, the recipent, didn't want to cut it!

"Cheese Cake"

This cake was made for a housewarming party. It was, again, chocolate butter cake with cookies and cream filling. All was edible, even the mouse. I enjoyed making this one! It was so realistic looking. I would freak myself out everytime I went into the fridge!!

Eva's First Birthday

This cake was made for my niece's first birthday. It was choloate butter cake with cookie and cream filling. That combination is the crowd favorite!!

Composition Notebook

Hurray for back to school!! This cake was made for my neighbor's back to school party. It was a chocolate butter cake with cookies and cream filling. It was truly fun to make. I love the kids. My neighbor gave them back to me after the party!