29 December 2007

Susie Sells Igloos

What a fun cake to create! I made this for a client that was going to surprise his wife, a realtor, with it on her birthday, Christmas Day! (Lots of Christmas birthdays!) She is a very special lady, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor. I worked with my client to add very personal touches on it for her like the pink ribbon, the family pooch, and her "Susie Sells" saying. Chocolate butter cake, filled with mint cookies n' cream, chocolate ganache and Italian meringue buttercream, iced in IMBC and covered with fondant. Here was the response from my client regarding the cake that makes me LOVE what I do:

"Susie's cake was a major hit with her and the whole family! I think it may now be the most photographed and videoed cake on the planet.
Susie was overwhelmed and is bringing in the pics to her Coldwell Banker office to show-off and she is going to post the pics on her website which I have attached so keep the link and you can look for the pics in the future on the site to see your great work in action! So you may get some calls off of that!
Thanks again for the labor of love it takes to do a cake like this from all of us. I kept the cake a surprise to all until I brought it out. Everyone went wild!
Happy Holiday's to you family, Rich

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Clara said...

Have you ever used carob in place of chocolate?
I know many people avoid carob, but I find that the trick is to find the right brand and then you'll really see that carob can be (almost) as good as chocolate.

The brand I use is from Holy Food Imports,
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