28 January 2008

Rob's "Thunder Road"

This cake was created for my client's husband's 40th surprise birthday and was inspired by Bruce Springsteen, his favorite! The guitar was created from a picture of a Bruce Springsteen Signature Series Hard Rock T-shirt, provided by my client. "Thunder Road" was the first song he sang to her and the picks are named after the recipient's 2 guitars, Adel and Pearl.

The cake was chocolate chip yellow butter, filled with chocolate ganache, whipped milk chocolate ganache and Italian merigue buttercream, iced in IMBC and covered with fondant, of course! Truly was a fun cake to make!

1 comment:

lisa said...

Wow wow and more wow. What a GREAT cake. Not only is the detail work out of site, but you have a great eye for design. The guitar almost looks, ethereal the way you did airbrushing, leaving a bit of white around the edges of the frets and neck. Out of site. The details of the sheet music and pick are just great. Did you use an edible ink pen to make the music sheets?