27 February 2008

On the beach with your truck?? Only in Florida!

I am always up for a challenge, right? Well, when I was asked to do a surfer cake with waves and the recipient's name in the sand, I thought, "Sure. Why not?" I could have left it at that. But NO... I had to keep pushing, right?

Well, hello Toyota Tundra. It was a challenge all right! I built a custom stand so that the truck would be elevated. I should have known that cake decorating is my forte. Not woodworking. I had to change it 3 times.
The cake was chocolate butter with Bavarian Bailey's Irish Cream filling, a whiskey simple syrup mist, covered in Italian meringue buttercream. The fondant was sweating from the humidity and coming out of the fridge. Tip: Don't put fondant in the fridge. The waves were an experiment with aluminum foil, royal icing and piping gel which turned out really great. The sand was made from graham cracker crust.
My client was SO happy and couldn't wait to see it. She said it was one of the most exciting things in her life. Again, that is why I love what I do!

Skateboarding, Dude!

Ok, are you ready to take this one down the ramp? Maybe not today. They ate it all!

This cake was made for one of my closest gal's son. He turned 9 years old this past weekend and loves skateboarding. This was a tough one, believe it or not. It was the first time I used Edible Images for my cakes. Totally changed my life!

I traced the main image from a tattoo I found online, using a light box, a very cool technique I learned from Mara Tirado of Risque Cakes in Miami. The cake is airbrushed, which at one point looked like a Mexican Rug. I thought I was going to loose it! But it all came together!

It was yellow butter cake, filled with whipped white chocolate ganache and chocolate ganache, iced in Italian meringue buttercream. Happy Birthday Dellin! Skate or Die!!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes - Yum!

Ahhh, a day for love and cake! Cupcakes, that is! Yes, I have ventured into the land of the cupcakes! Inspired by some fabulous cupcakes I saw on Sweet and Saucy, I thought, hey, why not give it a whirl. It is a new, sweet addition to my confections, which I will be offering regularly.

Easier than a cake? I don't think so! These silly little things took up as much time as one of my cakes! (Well, I am exaggerating!)

These little cuties are jumbo red velvet cupcakes, iced in cream cheese frosting and surrounded by lovely M&M's and topped with a fondant heart. They had a unexpected crunchiness to them that made you just keep eating them. Simply yummy!

Birch Tree Artist

Unusual, perhaps... But a story that will touch your heart.

I was asked to create this special cake by for my client's Mother-In-Law's 77th birthday who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. At the height of her time, she was an artist that loved to paint birch trees. The Birch Tree Cake is a memory of what was, in the hopes that she would be able to remember that fascinating part of her life.

This yellow butter cake was filled with whipped white chocolate ganache and strawberry preserves, iced in vanilla Italian meringue buttercream. Makes you think how quickly life goes by! Enjoy each day to the fullest....