31 March 2008

Let's go surfin' now....

Ok, I have to admit, this is one of my favorite cakes. It was hard for me to let this one go. I love all of my cakes, but I haven't fallen head over heels in a while. This one takes the cake. (No pun intended!)

I made this cake for my wonderful client Korrie, who's daughter celebrated her 10th birthday over the weekend. Fifteen of her friends drove to their party spot in a Hummer limo and watched "Enchanted" (*sigh* How sweet is that!!) This sweet girl loves to
surf and Roxy is her favorite clothing line. Her mom sent me pictures of her favorite bathing suit. To my surprise, it was the bathing suit that she wore to the party!! It was all too cute!

The cake was yellow butter cake, filled with white chocolate buttercream, milk chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. It is covered in fondant, which I airbrushed with blue pearlized luster dust to create the "water" effect. I let some fondant dry for a couple of nights over a 2 liter bottle which made the wave look like it was going to crash. The palm trees are chocolate fondant covered pretzels, surrounded by graham cracker crumb sand.

Check out what she had to say: Prudence, Everyone LOVED the cake! It was delicious (the parents LOVED the fondant) and the staff and kids and parents went WILD over the cake!!!! It was such a surprise to see
Autumn's reaction on camera! She rarely has BIG reactions but she was truly surprised! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to admit, the reaction is PRICELESS. It is truly why I love to do what I do.

Moon and Stars...

Here is the latest addition to my cake family! My new cupcake stand. This particular model holds 48 cupcakes. (Holy Cupcakes!) Once all together on the stand, it is really tall and a nice centerpiece for any party. I can add extra pieces to make it even larger or put a 6" cake on the top. I am diggin' it.

These cupcakes were for a "Space Shuttle" themed kids party with fondant full and half moons and stars decorations. When I saw the favors and decorations for the party, I realized that the "Shuttle" is very USA inspired, hence the red white and blue colors. No, it is not the Forth of July, silly.
The moon cupcakes were vanilla butter cake with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream. I cut out fondant circles, beat them up into moons and airbrushed them with silver and pearl luster dust. The stars were chocolate butter cake. I airbrushed red and blue onto the icing and used coordinating sanding sugar.
Here's what my client had to say:
"The cupcakes were FANTASTIC......really, really, really good. I am normally a "yellow cake" person vs. chocolate but let me tell you....after I tried one of the chocolate one's I was hooked. I thought I died and went to heaven!!"
I am looking forward to offering my stand to my clients in the future!! It is a nice alternative to a cake.

24 March 2008

You want a taste of us??

Bring it on!!!

Good news for ALL of you BRIDES out there! I am extremely happy to announce that I have partnered up with Perfect Posy, Floral Design Team to offer Bridal consultations like none other!! We are the only company that is offering cake and floral design under one roof! Yeah for us!

The bride's wedding planner forwarded us pictures of the cakes and floral arrangements the bride was interested in. The bride LOVES this cake, designed by Edna De La Cruz. I designed 3 mini cakes, each representing each flavor the bride and groom wanted to taste and Perfect Posy set up a fantastic table centerpiece and mini bouquet as well! We literally brought the bride's pictures to life so she could see them in person.
Our philosophy is that the bride and groom should have an opportunity to see our talent upfront and not on the day of the wedding. All of our consultations will provide a very relaxed atmosphere, where the couple can receive a "mini version" of their special day. AND not have to spend hours of running from one tasting to another and then to the florist!
Pass on the word! Send them to come to one of the most exclusive consultations around town!

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

Hoppin' down the bunny trail!

Here are the latest cupcakes that I was offering my clients for Easter! They were a nice alternative to the very traditional, yet quirky, Lamb cake, which was how the idea was developed!

I was asked to do an Easter Lamb cake for a client and was thrilled at the idea of it, since I grew up with them as well. I tried to make one years back, before I started decorating cakes, and it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. I decided to go and look at my Wilton pan and started to sweat! The horror of it all, the lamb cake with a pushed in nose, missing ear and crooked eyes that were piped with Betty Crocker tube icing filled my head. I turned it down. My first turn down EVER!! It is not my cup of tea.

These little loves are yellow butter cake, vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, coated with shredded coconut, topped with malted ball Robin's Eggs. I filled the packages with jelly beans, wrapped them in laser cut cupcake wrappers, tied with wired ribbon and created individual stickers for the recipients! I'm telling ya, I love to make cupcakes. They are SO much fun.

Happy Easter, Peeps!!

Clifford and His Dog House- Woof!

Woof, woof!

My client requested a cake for her adorable son! He celebrated his very special, 5th birthday on Saturday, and LOVES Clifford! (How can you resist??)

The cake was yellow butter cake, with layers of Oreo cookies and cream and golden Oreo cookies and cream filling, with Italian meringue buttercream. Yummy in their tummies! The cake was covered in fondant and I sculpted the Clifford from a picture I printed from PBS Kids. I used a Styrofoam ball to shape the base of his head. I really enjoyed making this one!!

Happy Birthday, Brendan!

16 March 2008

Goodbye 30's... Hello 40!

Another year gone by.. Poor Dave! (Hee, hee!!!) He said goodbye to his 30's and hello to 40 on Friday with a fantastic surprise bash at MT Muggs and musical guest "Dirrty Hairy", one of the BEST 80's glam rock bands in O-Town.

Although he is a VERY tight bud, he became a one of my clients! This cake was yellow butter, with whipped white chocolate ganache and raspberry preserves, iced in Italian meringue buttercream. Coming out of the boxes were all of his achievements and things he loves- wedding ring, Metallica CD, business card, Harley Davidson and college diploma.

This time, I actually HAD a slice of cake! And boy, it was GOOD!! (Of course!!)

05 March 2008

Spring has Sprung at The Cakery!

Un-shiver me timbers, folks! Spring is springing at The Cakery! Thank Goodness. No more "light" sweaters for the Floridians! We hate the cold!

In the spirit of great weather to come, I whipped up some cute little cuppies for a client! I am really enjoying the cupcakes these days! It is a nice break from the crazy cakes. They were vanilla cuppies with white chocolate chips, vanilla buttercream dream, and fondant decorations. Clear sanding sugar gave them a little sparkle!

Not cake related, Chesista Баба Марта or Happy Granny March to all of my Bulgarian girls out there! To all of you Americans, like yours truly, it is an interesting Bulgarian tradition I have learned from my beautiful Mother-In-Law, Hubavka.

March 1. is a day of the rich Bulgarian tradition, and wishes for health, love and a good harvest. This is the time when Bulgarians exchange amulets - the so called Bulgarian "Martenitsa" and tell each other, "Chestita Baba Marta" (Happy Granny March). The red and white woven threads are not just meaningless decoration, but symbolise the wish for a good harvest and good health. They are the heralds of the coming of spring in Bulgaria and life in general, and everybody calls them "martenitsa".

Martenitsa are given to loved ones, friends, and those people whom one feels close to. They are worn on clothing, or around the wrist or neck, until the wearer sees a stork or swallow returning from migration, or a blossoming tree, and then removes the Martenitsa and hangs it on a blossoming tree. These belong to my daughter! Yeah Spring!!