16 March 2008

Goodbye 30's... Hello 40!

Another year gone by.. Poor Dave! (Hee, hee!!!) He said goodbye to his 30's and hello to 40 on Friday with a fantastic surprise bash at MT Muggs and musical guest "Dirrty Hairy", one of the BEST 80's glam rock bands in O-Town.

Although he is a VERY tight bud, he became a one of my clients! This cake was yellow butter, with whipped white chocolate ganache and raspberry preserves, iced in Italian meringue buttercream. Coming out of the boxes were all of his achievements and things he loves- wedding ring, Metallica CD, business card, Harley Davidson and college diploma.

This time, I actually HAD a slice of cake! And boy, it was GOOD!! (Of course!!)

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