31 March 2008

Let's go surfin' now....

Ok, I have to admit, this is one of my favorite cakes. It was hard for me to let this one go. I love all of my cakes, but I haven't fallen head over heels in a while. This one takes the cake. (No pun intended!)

I made this cake for my wonderful client Korrie, who's daughter celebrated her 10th birthday over the weekend. Fifteen of her friends drove to their party spot in a Hummer limo and watched "Enchanted" (*sigh* How sweet is that!!) This sweet girl loves to
surf and Roxy is her favorite clothing line. Her mom sent me pictures of her favorite bathing suit. To my surprise, it was the bathing suit that she wore to the party!! It was all too cute!

The cake was yellow butter cake, filled with white chocolate buttercream, milk chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. It is covered in fondant, which I airbrushed with blue pearlized luster dust to create the "water" effect. I let some fondant dry for a couple of nights over a 2 liter bottle which made the wave look like it was going to crash. The palm trees are chocolate fondant covered pretzels, surrounded by graham cracker crumb sand.

Check out what she had to say: Prudence, Everyone LOVED the cake! It was delicious (the parents LOVED the fondant) and the staff and kids and parents went WILD over the cake!!!! It was such a surprise to see
Autumn's reaction on camera! She rarely has BIG reactions but she was truly surprised! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to admit, the reaction is PRICELESS. It is truly why I love to do what I do.

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