31 March 2008

Moon and Stars...

Here is the latest addition to my cake family! My new cupcake stand. This particular model holds 48 cupcakes. (Holy Cupcakes!) Once all together on the stand, it is really tall and a nice centerpiece for any party. I can add extra pieces to make it even larger or put a 6" cake on the top. I am diggin' it.

These cupcakes were for a "Space Shuttle" themed kids party with fondant full and half moons and stars decorations. When I saw the favors and decorations for the party, I realized that the "Shuttle" is very USA inspired, hence the red white and blue colors. No, it is not the Forth of July, silly.
The moon cupcakes were vanilla butter cake with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream. I cut out fondant circles, beat them up into moons and airbrushed them with silver and pearl luster dust. The stars were chocolate butter cake. I airbrushed red and blue onto the icing and used coordinating sanding sugar.
Here's what my client had to say:
"The cupcakes were FANTASTIC......really, really, really good. I am normally a "yellow cake" person vs. chocolate but let me tell you....after I tried one of the chocolate one's I was hooked. I thought I died and went to heaven!!"
I am looking forward to offering my stand to my clients in the future!! It is a nice alternative to a cake.

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