27 April 2008

Princess Liliana's Pillow Cake

How quickly time goes by, right in front of you. And I have to be honest, with all of my buddies turning 40 and my youngest having a birthday, I am starting to freak out.

My little princess, Liliana, just celebrated her second birthday. Our family celebrated with a HUGE bash with all of our closest friends. (Okay, so it was a party for the adults. Any reason for us to throw a party, we are on it!)

A 4-tier stacked pillows cake with a slipper on top seemed to be the right fit! The cake was chocolate and yellow butter cake, filled with chocolate ganache, Italian meringue buttercream and Oreo's cookies and cream.

The best part about the cake is that the top 3 layers were Styrofoam! It was fun tricking all of our guests! You really couldn't tell where the cake was hiding. You all know how much I LOVE that stuff. It was SO great to see everybody's reaction. HA!

Well, another year gone by, folks. Excited I am moving out of the baby stage with my girls, scared to death I am moving towards my own personal milestone, BUT happy about the CAKE! Happy Birthday to my girl, my love, my Mini-Me!

21 April 2008

Goodbye 30's... Hello 29 forever!!

Alright people... Am I getting old or is everyone turning 40??? Good thing I still have some time and expensive creams to help preserve what I have before I resort to Botox.

One of my cakes was canceled this week and I didn't know what to do with myself. I HAD the fever to make a cake. And for some reason, I was dying to make a spring time, bright , fun cake. My dear friend, Anne Marie was celebrating her 29th (cough, cough...) and I thought I could whip her up a little something for her birthday. Especially since the Cakery was quiet.

This lovely gem was a banana cake with a Kahlua soak, filled with Italian meringue buttercream, chocolate ganache and coconut creme' filling. It was one of the only times where I can actually EAT my own cake! It was yummy. The top tier was Styrofoam. I love that Styrofoam, I tell ya....

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Girls!

16 April 2008

Scuba Dangers...

Scuba? Did you say you want to learn how to scuba dive? Oh boy, here we go.... UGH!

My husband took a 2 DAY course last weekend to learn how to scuba dive. Can you tell how happy I was about that?? Meow...

A few of them are taking our friend Dave for a scuba diving "guys" weekend to the Keys for his 40th birthday. (Kum-by-ya people....) They all studied the book like maniacs for a week and piled into my husband's best friend Kevin's pool to take the course. While they were under water, I was making a cake!

I was inspired from a similar design I saw moons ago, on CakeCentral.com. It was a my "Mounds" cake flavor- chocolate butter cake filled with Italian meringue buttercream, chocolate ganache, and coconut creme. Our friend's, Debra and Eric were in town from Kentucky and mentioned that they wished they could try my cake. I couldn't resist!!

Here is my homage to the scuba weekend. Have fun boys!! Good thing we have an insurance policy! Seriously, just kidding.

15 April 2008

Happy Engagement!!

Oh marriage, what a beautiful thing... I am feeling alright??? (Help me...)

I was asked to create a red, black and white cake for a very happy couple who was celebrating their engagement with ah huge bash! I played with the angles of the boxes in such a way, that the cake was very topsy turvy and unexpected! It was HUGE! 2 1/2 feet!

The cake, which is the very bottom layer, was my Classy Razz. Great choice for cake flavor! The rest of the cake was entirely Styrofoam. You couldn't tell where the cake was! I have to say, I love that! It is fun to deceive.. Hee, hee...

To the happy couple, Mike and April, best wishes to your future! If you have some to spare, can you send them my way? Almost 10 years and we have run out of wishes! I think we replaced them with lots of vodka!

04 April 2008

My Contest Cupcake!

It has been 20 years since my last confession- I hate when my house is empty! So, to fill the noise when I am alone, I turn on the TV. Having 3 kids and the endless amount of cartoons starts to drive me nuts! (D,D,D,D,D, Dora!) So usually, I turn on the news and listen to "adult" voices.

I was listening to Martha Stewart last week and heard she was having a cupcake contest! Oh yeah, I'm down! She is choosing 10 grand finalists to win a cupcake tree. OK, so not a HUGE prize! She is also going to be showing the winning cupcakes on her show. There have been over 1700 entries so far.

Here it is, my contest cupcake, Cinderella's Friend. If you remember, it is part of the cake that I made for my daughter. I saved a few of the pieces that were left over and put them in my closet. I figured I would need it one day! I was right.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. They are going to call the winners on 4/11. I hope I am one of them!