15 April 2008

Happy Engagement!!

Oh marriage, what a beautiful thing... I am feeling alright??? (Help me...)

I was asked to create a red, black and white cake for a very happy couple who was celebrating their engagement with ah huge bash! I played with the angles of the boxes in such a way, that the cake was very topsy turvy and unexpected! It was HUGE! 2 1/2 feet!

The cake, which is the very bottom layer, was my Classy Razz. Great choice for cake flavor! The rest of the cake was entirely Styrofoam. You couldn't tell where the cake was! I have to say, I love that! It is fun to deceive.. Hee, hee...

To the happy couple, Mike and April, best wishes to your future! If you have some to spare, can you send them my way? Almost 10 years and we have run out of wishes! I think we replaced them with lots of vodka!

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