04 April 2008

My Contest Cupcake!

It has been 20 years since my last confession- I hate when my house is empty! So, to fill the noise when I am alone, I turn on the TV. Having 3 kids and the endless amount of cartoons starts to drive me nuts! (D,D,D,D,D, Dora!) So usually, I turn on the news and listen to "adult" voices.

I was listening to Martha Stewart last week and heard she was having a cupcake contest! Oh yeah, I'm down! She is choosing 10 grand finalists to win a cupcake tree. OK, so not a HUGE prize! She is also going to be showing the winning cupcakes on her show. There have been over 1700 entries so far.

Here it is, my contest cupcake, Cinderella's Friend. If you remember, it is part of the cake that I made for my daughter. I saved a few of the pieces that were left over and put them in my closet. I figured I would need it one day! I was right.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. They are going to call the winners on 4/11. I hope I am one of them!

1 comment:

Ma Baker said...

That is the sweetest cup cake I;ve ever seen.
My daughter is a big fan of Cinderella, her favorite part is the mice, she would recognise tht mouse right away.
You are a fantastic artist!
I hope you win, how could you not with a cake like that!?