27 April 2008

Princess Liliana's Pillow Cake

How quickly time goes by, right in front of you. And I have to be honest, with all of my buddies turning 40 and my youngest having a birthday, I am starting to freak out.

My little princess, Liliana, just celebrated her second birthday. Our family celebrated with a HUGE bash with all of our closest friends. (Okay, so it was a party for the adults. Any reason for us to throw a party, we are on it!)

A 4-tier stacked pillows cake with a slipper on top seemed to be the right fit! The cake was chocolate and yellow butter cake, filled with chocolate ganache, Italian meringue buttercream and Oreo's cookies and cream.

The best part about the cake is that the top 3 layers were Styrofoam! It was fun tricking all of our guests! You really couldn't tell where the cake was hiding. You all know how much I LOVE that stuff. It was SO great to see everybody's reaction. HA!

Well, another year gone by, folks. Excited I am moving out of the baby stage with my girls, scared to death I am moving towards my own personal milestone, BUT happy about the CAKE! Happy Birthday to my girl, my love, my Mini-Me!


My Sweet & Saucy said...

Love this cake!

Monahan said...

OMG I my family and I just adore your work...