21 May 2008

Law School Graduation

Graduation Season is here! How do you celebrate such an event? With a cake, of course!!

I was commissioned by my very good buddies, Lucy and Ray, to create a cake for their friend, Allison, who was celebrating her graduation from the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) Law School. I thought that a cake of stacked books would be simply perfect!

The cake was my Classy Razz- white butter cake, filled with chocolate ganache, white chocolate buttercream and raspberry. Each layer had a Chambord soak to give it that extra "kick" that we so adore!! I airbrushed the cake to give it that beat-up, old look and added the ink well with Quill feather to top it off. The top "book" was Styrofoam, my favorite!!

Congrats to Allison and many wishes to her Law career ahead!!

07 May 2008

Show some love!

OK. Alright. I have to and HATE to admit, I LOVE a challenge! Bring it on! I LOVE when it is thrown my way. Big or small... Prize, always a GREAT thing, not necessary. In this situation, no prize is awarded.

I stumbled across the Food Network's "Ace Of Cakes" where you can upload your cake photos. OF COURSE, I thought I should submit something. I couldn't resist!! I picked what I thought were my most interesting:

Cinderella's Dress Stacked Presents Pillow Cake

The site currently has some really amazing cakes. Everyone is SO talented. Check them out. I TRULY accept the fact that I have A LOT to learn about cake decorating too. I am very new.

If you have a chance to click on the pics above. They will automatically link you to the Food Network site! They are rated by: Most Viewed and Highest Rated. PLEASE post some feedback, my sistas' and brothers from other mothers! I would really appreciate your support! This girl just wants someone out there to see what I can do with some flour, milk, eggs and fondant.

Please, show some love for the Cake Chica!!

04 May 2008

Kacey's Stacked Presents

Stacked presents are becoming ONE of my favorite cakes to make. They are SO pretty and such centerpieces!

This cake was made for my client Kacey, who was celebrating her 23rd birthday. (I was happy that it was a birthday in the 20's this time! Hee, hee..) She requested the yellow and white color palette and a simple and elegant presentation.

The cake was my strawberry lemonade flavor- lemon butter cake with fresh grated lemon zest, filled with strawberry and white chocolate buttercream, iced in the white chocolate too! I used this really cool impression mat I just bought to give the cake a subtle "wrapping paper" effect. I enjoyed pulling this one together.

Happy Birthday Kacey!!

02 May 2008

Peyton's Football Cake!

Football... Did you say football?

Since my hubby is Bulgarian, our house tends to be more "soccer" fans, watching the World Cup every four years. (I think it is every four years!) We also look forward to making our rounds at all of the Superbowl parties. Who doesn't, right? I wait all year for those commercials!

My lovely friend, Karen, asked me to create a football cake for her son's 8th birthday. I dove right in! Sounded like fun! BUT there was one problem... We don't own a football! I called my neighbor, Debbie, for the save. She gracefully threw the ball over the fence so I could borrow it.

This cake was yellow butter cake, filled with cookies n' cream and chocolate ganache, iced in Italian meringue buttercream. I used my airbrush to give it a very "used" look, and painted all of Peyton's details on the cake. I was very pleased how with realistic it turned out. Touchdown!!

Happy Birthday, Peyton!

01 May 2008

Welcome Isaac!

The other day while shopping at Micheal's, the Baby Shower endcap caught my eye. There were SO many cute things- little tiny clothes pins, pacifier candy, invitations. I was thinking about all of the cute cupcakes I could make and going through the Rolodex in my mind of everyone I knew. None of them, not one, are pregnant. I just kept on walking.

A few days later, my girl Korrie sends me an email asking about a BABY cupcake she found on Martha Stewart! Her sister just had a baby and she thought it would be a great idea to send them to her Brother-in-Law's office to celebrate! How bizarre is that?? I got to make baby cupcakes after all!!

These little cuties were Rum flavored yellow butter cake, filled with caramel and milk chocolate buttercream, iced in Italian meringue buttercream with fondant decorations. I sprinkled violet disco dust on them to give them a bit of shimmer. Isaac's name was "stitched" into the blanket.

Happy Birthday, Isaac! Maybe I can have the honors in making his very first birthday cake!! I'll keep you posted! Hee, hee...