02 May 2008

Peyton's Football Cake!

Football... Did you say football?

Since my hubby is Bulgarian, our house tends to be more "soccer" fans, watching the World Cup every four years. (I think it is every four years!) We also look forward to making our rounds at all of the Superbowl parties. Who doesn't, right? I wait all year for those commercials!

My lovely friend, Karen, asked me to create a football cake for her son's 8th birthday. I dove right in! Sounded like fun! BUT there was one problem... We don't own a football! I called my neighbor, Debbie, for the save. She gracefully threw the ball over the fence so I could borrow it.

This cake was yellow butter cake, filled with cookies n' cream and chocolate ganache, iced in Italian meringue buttercream. I used my airbrush to give it a very "used" look, and painted all of Peyton's details on the cake. I was very pleased how with realistic it turned out. Touchdown!!

Happy Birthday, Peyton!

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Fran Z said...

Whoa1 Touchdown indeed! The cake looks awesome!