07 May 2008

Show some love!

OK. Alright. I have to and HATE to admit, I LOVE a challenge! Bring it on! I LOVE when it is thrown my way. Big or small... Prize, always a GREAT thing, not necessary. In this situation, no prize is awarded.

I stumbled across the Food Network's "Ace Of Cakes" where you can upload your cake photos. OF COURSE, I thought I should submit something. I couldn't resist!! I picked what I thought were my most interesting:

Cinderella's Dress Stacked Presents Pillow Cake

The site currently has some really amazing cakes. Everyone is SO talented. Check them out. I TRULY accept the fact that I have A LOT to learn about cake decorating too. I am very new.

If you have a chance to click on the pics above. They will automatically link you to the Food Network site! They are rated by: Most Viewed and Highest Rated. PLEASE post some feedback, my sistas' and brothers from other mothers! I would really appreciate your support! This girl just wants someone out there to see what I can do with some flour, milk, eggs and fondant.

Please, show some love for the Cake Chica!!


Carrie said...

Wooo! What fun! :)
Great lookin' Cakes!

The Kitchen Vixen said...

I'm going to vote for you right now! Good Luck!

toontz said...

Cake Chica-
I have tagged you for a silly meme. Check out my blog.