01 May 2008

Welcome Isaac!

The other day while shopping at Micheal's, the Baby Shower endcap caught my eye. There were SO many cute things- little tiny clothes pins, pacifier candy, invitations. I was thinking about all of the cute cupcakes I could make and going through the Rolodex in my mind of everyone I knew. None of them, not one, are pregnant. I just kept on walking.

A few days later, my girl Korrie sends me an email asking about a BABY cupcake she found on Martha Stewart! Her sister just had a baby and she thought it would be a great idea to send them to her Brother-in-Law's office to celebrate! How bizarre is that?? I got to make baby cupcakes after all!!

These little cuties were Rum flavored yellow butter cake, filled with caramel and milk chocolate buttercream, iced in Italian meringue buttercream with fondant decorations. I sprinkled violet disco dust on them to give them a bit of shimmer. Isaac's name was "stitched" into the blanket.

Happy Birthday, Isaac! Maybe I can have the honors in making his very first birthday cake!! I'll keep you posted! Hee, hee...

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toontz said...

These are so sweet! You are very talented (and patient)!