16 June 2008

Wise Owl Graduation Cake

It's graduation time, folks! Lots of young adults getting ready to leave the nest and head off into the "real" world. Remember that world- late night parties, beer bongs, cramming for exams, head in the toilet... Ah, the good old days! *giggles*

I was asked to create a cake for two brothers who were graduating from different local high schools. Each of the handpainted owls was one of the boys and the books represented the school each one was attending in the fall. The board was handpainted to look like a wooden desk- which I have been doing quite a bit lately.

The suitcase was the "real" cake. It was alternating 4 layers of yellow and chocolate butter, filled with white and milk chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache, iced in white chocolate buttercream and covered in chocolate fondant. *yum* When all put together, this was ONE BIG cake.

Congrats to Korben and Matthew. Enjoy your journey in life.....

11 June 2008

It's a Boy!!

Oh baby, It's a boy!! And BOY, am I glad it's not me, again!! I love baby showers! Such a fun time before the baby arrives. I always loved my showers, all 3 of them.

I was asked by a client, Barb, to design some ideas for a baby shower that she was coordinating. I was looking up the cutest ideas and came across this one, designed by Pink Cake Box , a fantastic cakeshop in NJ. They design some of the most fabuluos cakes and cupcakes! Anne Heap, the owner, has been called to appear on the Food Network Challenge , a show which I am hoping to make an appearance on one of the years... *Whaaaah* A girl can dream, right???

The cake was a yellow and chocolate butter cake filled with cookies and cream. The cake was on top of the 4-tier cupcake tower. The cupcakes were yellow and chocolate butter cake as well, filled with chocolate ganache and about 1000 calories, topped off with a blue white chocolate milk chocolate Italian meringue buttercream. I used chocolate fondant for the decorations, which is very similar to a Tootsie Roll.
Would you like a Diet Coke or skim milk to go with that??

09 June 2008

Breakin' The Law...

Good thing these handcuffs are made from sugar!! I was commissioned by Luana and Ron to create a cake for their dear friend, a retiring sheriff. To be honest with you, I was stumped!! I wasn't sure what I was going to do until I passed by a Highway Patrol office. Then it came to me, his HAT!

I really enjoyed making this cake. I especially LOVE the coffee and donut detail. Such a typical joke for the police! Luana and Ron were kind enough to send me a picture of his Stetson. I hand sculpted the badge to match.

It was a Yellow butter cake, filled with strawberry and chocolate ganache, iced in white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream. *Yummy* The spilling coffee and donut are made from chocolate fondant.
Happy Retirement, Wayne!!