11 June 2008

It's a Boy!!

Oh baby, It's a boy!! And BOY, am I glad it's not me, again!! I love baby showers! Such a fun time before the baby arrives. I always loved my showers, all 3 of them.

I was asked by a client, Barb, to design some ideas for a baby shower that she was coordinating. I was looking up the cutest ideas and came across this one, designed by Pink Cake Box , a fantastic cakeshop in NJ. They design some of the most fabuluos cakes and cupcakes! Anne Heap, the owner, has been called to appear on the Food Network Challenge , a show which I am hoping to make an appearance on one of the years... *Whaaaah* A girl can dream, right???

The cake was a yellow and chocolate butter cake filled with cookies and cream. The cake was on top of the 4-tier cupcake tower. The cupcakes were yellow and chocolate butter cake as well, filled with chocolate ganache and about 1000 calories, topped off with a blue white chocolate milk chocolate Italian meringue buttercream. I used chocolate fondant for the decorations, which is very similar to a Tootsie Roll.
Would you like a Diet Coke or skim milk to go with that??


Sweet Sins said...

You will appear on that show if not star in your own... You have an amazing talent! I only wish I had half of what you have. I have never used fondant but I wish I knew how... I love everything you do and I am jealous! BIG TIME!

Sweet Sins said...

I tagged you!! Check out my page to see what I mean!

Sweet Sins said...

Well I meant to blog last week... but when it is so hot it is hard to want to do it cause then the whole house just becomes an oven!! I have some new fun things I want to try though... Jason works 11 to 11 Sat and Sun so I am home alone and should be able to bake up a storm!!! U will have to give me some fondant lessons as I do not know tricks of using it... where and what kind to buy or do I make it?? Email me some help OH GREATONE!

Leslie said...

Ok..let me start off by saying WOW..what a gift you have!!!!All of your cake are just amazing!Thanks for visiting my site and laving a comment! The blogging thing is pretty new to me as well. But I love it..my husband thinks I am crazy..but I think HE is crazy..so I guess we are even!!!
Come back and visit anytime!!!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

This turned out great! Love the colors and lady!