18 July 2008

Minty Cream Puff Ring

It was Tuesday! And you know what that meant, Tuesday's With Dorie, of course! June 19th's recipe, a Peppermint Cream Puff Ring, was chosen by Caroline of A Consuming Passion. It consists of the puff pastry called pâte à choux (choux: pronounced shoe), peppermint whipped cream/creme fraiche, and a chocolate sauce, almost like my ganache except with 2 tsp. of light corn syrup, which made it very thick and chocolaty, like the top of an eclair! *yum*

Oh, how I LOVE my Dorie... Check out the heart.... But I have to say that Dorie and I were NOT BFF's this week. I MAY have to throw down with her on this one. I was doing just wonderfully with the lovely puff pastry. I added a tsp. of pure vanilla extract to the dough, which filled my house with the sweet smell of baking. *ahhhh* Not to mention that fantastically, aromatic, hypnotic peppermint whipped cream broth that was cooking on my stove and STEEPING for an hour. I was getting ready to throw it into a my jetted bath tub and exfoliate with it.

I make a TON of whipped cream for my cakes and other confections. Unfortunately, my peppermint cream didn't whip out AT ALL. It was very runny, could NOT be piped- only licked from the spatula for a taste of what would have been. I saved my TWD day by making a small batch of whipped cream with 1/3 cup of the runny mixture. Worked like a charm and kept the same great peppermint flavor.

Overall, I was happy with the outcome. Maybe next time, she will say sorry and we could be friends again. I forgive BUT never forget! Hee, hee... Thanks again for Caroline for choosing this recipe which turned out to be fabulous in the end! AND be sure to check out all of the great TWD Bakers!>

Also, stop by Caroline's joint to check out the recipe!!

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