21 July 2008

Must run in the family...

My little protege! My first student! Art is in his blood, cake is on his mind.

I had to share pictures of my 9 year old son Alex's very first fondant cake. A car that he made for you know who? His DAD! (What am I, chopped liver? What the hay hay!) I am going to start putting him to work. Forget about all of those child labor laws. I rule the roost around here!

Adding the final touches.....

And, WELLA! His masterpiece!

He was very excited when he heard I was going to post it on my blog. He is one of my biggest fans. However, I did mention to him that he really needed to start wearing shirts!


Miss P


Nicole said...

Prudence, linked to your site from bakespace. My son is 4 and already asking to help me decorate often! Your son did a great job!

anne marie said...

Go Alex! Awesome car!
Good job, Pru -- keepin' it all in the family. I can totally relate to Alex's excitement about being featured. I felt the same way when I made my debut :P

Janiece said...

That is Awesome that Alex has been watching and learning from you!
His car turned out GREAT