28 July 2008

Princess Barbie Cake

I LOVE Barbie. Brings back SO many memories of when I was a little girl. (That was only a couple of years ago, right?) Although, I have to say, my fond memories do lack one of eating her skirt!

I currently have a secret stash of 75-ish Barbies stored in plastic bins in my garage that my little girls would LOVE to get their mitts on. And of course, one of the great perks in having my little princesses is that I am ALWAYS surrounded by Barbie and her cohorts. Although I don't recall my Barbies being naked all of the time!

My very close friend and client, Cveti, asked me to create a Barbie cake for her daughter, Pettia's 7th birthday. At first, I wasn't that excited about it ONLY because I knew that our local big box grocery store ALSO makes them. AND that store is the ENTIRE reason why I started my business. (If I ate another one if those cakes with the plastic figurines on them, I was going to hurl...) Cveti, an avid protester if the grocery store chotchke cake, encouraged me to go for it anyway. AND, I was happy I did!

This is why you have to go into the uncharted territory sometimes. Pettia LOVED her cake!
It was interesting trying to figure out HOW I was going to get this full sized Barbie down the middle of it. LOL!! The cake was Rum (flavored) butter cake, filled with strawberries and white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream, iced in white chocolate IMBC too.

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the party! My luck, of course. My little protege, Alex, came down with a nasty virus. It always happens to me. My life... I NEVER get a slice of MY creations. Only that LOVELY big box grocery store cake. YUCK!

Look at everyone having fun! (Please note the beer bottles...) Happy 7th birthday to one of my favorite girls, Pettia!!

Miss P


Anne Marie said...

What little girl wouldn't absolutely adore her own Barbie/princess cake? Pettia looks thrilled -- one princess to another

My Sweet & Saucy said...

I just made one for my niece this past year and she loved it too! Yours turned out great!