15 July 2008

TWD: Chocolate Pudding

Hey folks! Well, here we are again! My favorite day of the week! Tuesdays With Dorie...

Yeah, go Prudence! It's Tuesday! You're gonna bake today cause' it's Tuesday. OK, enough of that! Sometimes you just HAVE to shake your money maker to get things going!

**GENERAL WARNING TO ADULTS: Prepare yourself for a chocolate overdose!! One bite will send you into a downward sweet spiral to the depths of BADNESS.**

Melissa from Its Melissas Kitchen has picked this weeks TWD fabulous dessert… Chocolate pudding! You can find it on pg. 383 in the book. Great choice, I must say! It tasted just like the chocolate pudding we all grew up with. I accompanied my specialty with fresh whipped cream and topped with semi-sweet and white milk chocolate chips.

My "picky" son, Alex, is NEVER willing to try ANYTHING. BUT, he went for this one! FINALLY!

Caught in the act of shoveling in before bedtime, my girls that will try ANYTHING, loved it.

Overall ratings from the kiddies, was a HUGE thumbs up! IT would have been great as a Pudding POP! Maybe next time for me. Definitely worth trying again!


Miss P


Melissa said...

Glad even the kids liked it!

PheMom said...

Yum! Glad you all liked it!

Barbara said...

Love your toppings, and the pictures of your son with his tongue out is hilarious! Welcome to TWD!

~Kimberly said...

Your pudding looks so yummy! I'd shovel it in too! Your kids are adorable!

aaliyah said...

The picture of your son says it all lol...too cute. I am happy this turned out great for you and I like the idea of plain with a couple of chocolate chips. I tried to just make it plain but the powers that be in my peanut gallery demanded there be whipped cream! I look forward to your post next week.