29 July 2008

TWD: Summer Fruit Galette Pass...

Well, here we are again, folks! It's Tuesday.... Used to be my favorite day of the week. You guys probably know I am not a hot, baked fruit of any kind eater. It positively makes me GAG. I don't do pies, guys. Neither do my kids (are you kidding me??) or husband, Mr. European himself.

SO, unfortunately, I had to pass on this weeks challenge. Gag-ola City! The Summer Fruit Galette on pages 366 - 367, was chosen this week by Michelle from Michelle in Colorado Springs. I simply would have been tossing it in the garbage. You will catch me for SURE next week. Hang tight, my brother and sisters! Please stop by Michelle's to check out the recipe if you like hot fruit.

However, Here is an OLD POST, from July 1st that you may enjoy!! I am still moving my Recipes page over. So, feast your eyes on these. I have to admit, they were DARN good!!

It's Tuesday again, boys and girls. AND you know what that means.... Tuesdays With Dorie time! Is everyone ready??? I definitely was up for the challenge!

This week's recipe Apple Cheddar Scones, on page 35, was chosen by Karina of The Floured Apron. At first, the thought of baked, hot apples just made me want to HEAVE HO! I despise HOT fruit. *Gross* But, since I am a big fan of the fondue, I thought maybe this one had a slight chance. SO, I slapped on my apron and took out the flour.

To think, I have NEVER had a scone. What the HEY HEY. What rock have I been hiding under?? This recipe was SUPER easy to make and not very time consuming. I am seriously finding that the crazed photography can be a real pain in the ruckus room, if you know what I mean. Despite all that, these scones were fantastic. ESPECIALLY with that fattening, mouth watering HONEY BUTTER. Oh goodness, the dreams I will have tonight. AND not about the hubby!

One bite, and I was in love. The apples bake just enough, so that they are quite small and almost unnoticeable. I added a glaze to the top of the scones for that extra kick of goodness. I also scooped up my scones with an ice cream scooper which made life a LOT easier. Very sticky stuff when you are trying to get it into shape. OVERALL, pure heaven, my friends.

I am thinking that next time I make these scones, I will take out the apple and add some diced ham. Great for breakfast!

Stop by The Floured Apron to check out the recipe.

Miss P


Teanna said...

First of all, I love your blog design! Secondly, I love all of the gagging references!

Your scone/fondue idea is great!

Pamela said...

Gag-ola City! Ha!!