11 August 2008

40 Year Old KISS Panties... Say What?

Warning: Rated PG-13! OK.... If you have young children in the room or easily offended co-workers in your cubicle, you may not want to open this. *lol* It's really NOT that bad!!
Our wonderful friend from Kentucky, Eric from imassage was havin' a birthday. Another 40 year old headed straight for that Mid-Life Crisis! His beautiful girl, Debra, asked me to make him a cake that had his favorite group, KISS's logo on it. Of course I said yes. BUT, I wanted to do something memorable, something shocking. I mean, you only turn 40 once, right?? And I am all about funny, folks.

So, in the true spirit of fun, I found this great little design from Debbie Brown's Book, "Xtra Naughty Cakes". The cakes in this book are FANTASTIC! Right on the cover was a girl's perfect bottom with panties. I thought he would probably remember that without any problems. I passed it by my hubby, Ivailo, and he loved the idea. The design from the book was much more Rated-R. At least I gave her FULL panties! (Her legs are a bit "wet" in the picture- freshly sprayed with Vodka to get the cornstarch off.)

The cake was chocolate butter cake, filled with raspberries and Italian meringue buttercream. All of the layers had a Chambord soak. It was VERY rich. The Rock Star cupcakes were for the kids and VERY simple- chocolate butter cake with Italian meringue buttercream.

Notice the placement of the candle!

Gettin' ready to blow! It was a HILARIOUS moment!

My little "Rock Stars" enjoying the cupcakes!

The cake and cupcakes were a HUGE hit, especially for ALL of the boys, young and old. During construction of the cake, I found myself rubbing the cheeks to get them smooth and absolutely giggling! Everyone just wanted to rub the butt cheeks! It was the perfect bum for a perfect evening!
Miss P


Jeanne said...

My brother turns 40 in just a few weeks, so I'm going to show his wife your cake to see what she thinks. Baby got back! Great job!

Snooky doodle said...

ha this cake is really terrific. you did a great job :-)

marjlet said...

this cake is incredible! :O

My Sweet & Saucy said...

This is hilarious! You pulled it off well though...great job!