14 August 2008


Great cooks! Great news... You guys know that I LOVE to bake. "Caking" is my passion. I may love it more than my husband! LOL!! However, making dinner for my gang of thieves every night is becoming a truly mundane chore. Boringsville.... Right next to Gag-ola City.

SO in an attempt to meet up with inspiring foodies, I have officially joined the Great Cooks Blogroll, a growing list of food blogs that serves as a resource for anyone looking for meal ideas, creative cooking techniques, and to meet other Great Cooks!

I love to look at ALL of the great food blogs out there. AND there are some really great ones. It is truly inspiring to see how other foodies are just as passionate about their craft. AND I am hoping to get some good recipes out if it. I swear, if I make chicken on the grill one more time, my son is going to go on strike!

For more, go to Simple Daily Recipes! Also, check out the Great Cooks Blogroll in the green box, on the sidebar for ALL of the Great Cooks and their mouthwatering blogs!

Miss P

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