14 August 2008

"Happy Mothes Day" Cake Wreck

Mother's Day. A holiday that ALL Mom's look forward to each year. The only day we receive our LONG awaited "Thanks" for changing 950,000 poopie diapers, catching our sick child's puke in our shirt before it landed on the couch, for all of the "lost socks" we found companions for. I was ready for my day, folks.

My son, Alex, came home from school frantically waving a permission slip in his hand. "Mom!!! Our school is getting cakes for Mother's Day and we are going to decorate them." Knowing my LOVE for cake decorating, I said, "Wow! That's great. Let's sign up!" $6 for the Mother's Day, huh?? I guess I will go ahead and pay for my OWN Mother's Day cake. I mean, he is going to use his creativity on it, right???

Friday before my BIG day finally rolled around. Alex proudly returned home from school with his cake. He placed the cake on our counter where I immediately inspected it, anxious to see his decorating skills. At first glance, it was pretty impressive. The piping work, the sprinkles, divine! "Did you do this?", I asked. "No.", he said sadly. "Why?", I asked. "The guy from P*blix wouldn't let us." "Oh Really?" I took a closer look at the cake and noticed something wrong. "Did you write this?", I asked. "No, the guy did.", he answered.

I tried. But, I couldn't hold back! Hysterical laughter burst right out of my mouth. "Happy Mothes Day! Happy MOTHES Day! I am going to post THIS one on the blog!" Needless to say, this is my life. Filled with dirty diapers, vomit, socks and misspelled cakes. And people wonder what the difference between "their" cakes and my cakes are. Hum...
Think this one is bad?? If you want a REALLY good laugh, check out this site: Cake Wrecks. It has the MOST hilarious cake wrecks you have ever seen.
Miss P


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Hahaha this is so funny!

Right before I got hired at the bakery I work at now, they made a cake that said "Happy Birthday, White Girl." That's exactly what it said on the order form. But what it was meant to say was "Happy Birthday" on a white cake for a girl... hahahahah :D

Snooky doodle said...

ha that was quite a big spelling mistake. :-) The boy is cute!

Passionate About Baking said...

LOL what a life...I'm with you on the poopie diapers, puke etc! How sweet your little one is!Thankfully mine have grown a bit (12 &9)!! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love your blog name...very intriguing indeed & your profession too! Cheers Deeba
BTW Happy Mother's Day!!