29 August 2008

Tuscan Themed Wedding Cake & A Giveaway!!

Well friends, here it is!! My very FIRST wedding cake!! I am SO proud! Who da thunk my first wedding cake would e for 200 guests! 200... With a urn in the middle of it!! YIKES! And let me tell ya, I lost a LOT of sleep over this one.

The wedding was held at the Lake Mary Events Center on 8/8/08 for Stephanie and Ron, two of the most wonderful clients. Eight cakes make up this gigantic cake (which happened by accident). AND if you look closely at the topper, it is in the shape of an 8. They also had eight bridesmaids and groomsmen!
The bottom tier of the cake was my Alrighty Amaretto and the three tiers to the top were my Classy Razz. Burgundy drapes and ivory gumpaste lace adorned the cake with sugared fruit. The cake was airbrushed with gold and gave it a very rustic, antique look.

I was working on that cake until 5am and I literally slept 2 hours that night! If you could clearly see my face in that picture you would see the enormous black bags under my eyes. (I thought I
was going to fall asleep on the way to the venue! ) I woke up to work on the groom's cake, a helmet in Redskin team colors.

The helmet was a challenge. I never worked on a helmet before. Live and learn! Clearly, there are a LOT of issues with it. (The cutout for the head is way too small...) I know better for next time. My wonderful son, Alex, was my second set of eyes, because mine were almost shut...) and did a fantastic job at critiquing for me. He is the best!! That is 99% of the time!!

I had the pleasure of working with my mom, Charlotte, also! She is a fantastic floral designer, in the business for over 15 years and handled all of the floral needs for the wedding! Here is what she made for the tables.

OK! On to the GIVEAWAY!! My girl, Melody, of My Sweet & Saucy, has inspired me to hold a giveaway for my readers! In the next few weeks, I am going to be working on some wedding cake designs AND I am going to ask YOU, my friends, to help me out! I am giving away
Betty Crocker's "Decorating Cakes and Cupcakes" book to one of you! Check it out! It is a wonderful book for beginners with really great and fun ideas!

Here's what you have to do to enter:
  1. Think of a GREAT wedding cake design that you would love to see me create.
  2. Post a comment to my blog that you would like to be in the drawing with your wedding cake creation by MIDNIGHT on Friday, Sept. 5th.
  3. I will randomly select the winner and post the results on Saturday, Sept. 6th. It is that simple!!

I am looking forward to reading ALL of your creative ideas!!!

Miss P


Anne Marie said...

Congratulations, Prudence! That cake is as amazing as you are. You did it girl! There's no stopping you now. Look out world, here comes the Cake Chica!

Megan said...

Ok, how about a dog themed cake? For all of us dog lovers out here!

Please enter me in the drawing!

Stephanie said...

You should make a beach themed cake, with sea shells and all :)

CRS said...

What a beautiful cake!

I would love to see you do a wedding cake that is inspired by a beautiful wedding gown.

tonedna said...

That's a difficult cake girl..proud of ya!

Jodie said...

Wow! It's beautiful! Great job. I don't really have a wedding cake suggestion. I suggested to my sweet and saucy a white cake with blue gumpaste hydrangeas and white stephanotis. How about a white cake with pink and dark pink cherry blossoms on branches?

Ma Baker said...

That cake is stunning. I love the decoration and the colours.
Hmm... if I could have my wedding again, my cake would probably have a lot of red decoration and for a theme, I think fairies, not the disney kind, a bit more sophisticated and punky.

Snooky doodle said...

Wow all these cakes are great. I wish to make my wedding cake either with lots of butterflies or else something on the oriental style . like with a chinese dragon or chinese symbols.

Leslie said...

Oh my my my..that is ONE STUNNING wedding cake! YOu are crazy talented! A cool wedding cake would be to match the design patterns of the wedding dress

Beth said...

My mom quilted the chuppah for our wedding and I would have loved to have had a cake that had the same pattern on it! I don't know how you could make a quilting pattern with fondant, but I'm sure it can be done :-)


Prudence!!! How about a Cinderella cake? You know, glass slippers, princess ballgown, pumpkin, fairy godmother? I think that would be awesome.

Enter me in the drawing! I love cool prizes! :D

My Sweet & Saucy said...

That wedding cake is stunning! I love the whole display! Great job!


Prudence, I visited your website and saw your own version of the Cinderella cake .. with the mice and dress. OMG, too cute. You are so creative and talented. Keep up the good work, darling! :)