30 September 2008

TWD: Olé! Crème Brûlée...

First I HAVE to mention that yes, I disappeared. After ALL of that chocolate, ALL of that blogging, and ALL of the cruise I went on with my hubby (no kids) to Cozumel, I was done for a minute. It was time to catch my breath and shut off the stove, laptop and my brain.

I think I am still in Cozumel? *Olé!, Olé!*

But then, Tuesday showed up again as a reminder that I HAVE to get crackin' and put down the Pina Colada. (Oh, how I LOVE those umbrellas in my drinks....) And this particular Tuesdays With Dorie bake-off was chosen by our baking buddy, Mari of Mevrouw Cupcake on page 393 was special. NO chocolate here! (Thank goodness!) We are talking Crème Brûlée, peeps! Yes, Crème Brûlée! That real fancy, schmancy "restaurant" dessert that NO ONE in their right mind ever says to themselves, "I have to make this one day." I was NEVER once interested in even trying this before.

Here are my thoughts about this one:

  1. Surprisingly very EASY to make.
  2. Dangerously delicious. (Especially that crunchy crust!)
  3. A blow torch is VERY useful when making this.
  4. HIGHLY recommend this!

I took the liberty to add 2 TSP. of Amaretto to the heavy cream and milk when boiling and 1 tsp. of pure almond extract, cutting down 1 tsp. of vanilla, which gave it a really wonderful kick.

PLEASE check out all of the fabulous TWD Bakers! And a quick thanks to ALL of you who dropped me a line to see what rock I was buried under!

(It was a beach chair with that Pina Colada!)


Miss P

16 September 2008

TWD: Chocolate Chunkers

Hey Guys. Yeah, yeah.... Today IS Tuesday, again! Tuesdays With Dorie time! This week's Be-U-Ti-Ful selection of Chocolate Chunkers, on page 70, was chosen by
Claudia of Fool for Food.
*WARNING!!*: Do Not Proceed Without A Glass Of Milk!!
Super RICH! (Not with cash-ola friends!)
Super GOOD!
I have to admit to you all that I am DONE with chocolate cookies.

Over it.
Chocolated OUT.
The recipe originally called for "plump" raisins. You guys know that hot, baked fruit and I are NOT BFF's. *gag* Also, my girl Dorie, gave us bakers a choice of pecans OR peanuts. I opted for the pecans and substituted the plump "puke bombs" with peanut butter chips.

Overall, a HUGE thumbs up! Great cookies for a "chocoholic" OR on a day when you haven't baked several chocolate recipes, one after another. SO good with a glass of milk, seriously. I already told my beautiful mom that these cookies were making their way to her house!
(They CAN'T stay here!!) She was excited!!
Be sure to stop by Claudia's for the recipe and check out ALL of the TWD Bakers!


Miss P

09 September 2008

TWD: Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops

Hey Gang! Hope life is treating you kindly!! 'Cause it has been kickin' me in the butt! BUT (no pun intended...) today IS Tuesday and we are back again with my friends at Tuesdays With Dorie! *Yah HOOie!!* This week's lovely selection was chosen by our gal, Rachel of Confessions of a Tangerine Tart perfectly situated in our books on page 85.

Oh, what a GREAT choice this week!! I have to be honest, peeps. This cookie thang is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I found myself licking the spoon, over and over, taking in EVERY ounce of "Going straight to the hips" GOODNESS! As always, this recipe was extremely EASY to make. I decided to replace the dark chocolate with white chocolate chips.
The one HUGE problem I had with it was eating NUMEROUS malted balls. I was OUTTA control, guys! Those things are BIG trouble!! They had to take a hike and FAST!! So, I asked my son (who shoved down 2 of the MOST FAB drops so fast I thought I was seeing a disappearing act at the circus...) if we could send them to school tomorrow for his class. Turns out, a new kid in his 4th grade class, Jayden is celebrating his 9th birthday tomorrow!! He is a CANCER survivor Alex, thought it would be great to celebrate it with everyone.
I think I did SOMETHING right as a parent to hear those words come out of my son's mouth. OK, this MAY be an isolated incident. Touched I was....
Please stop by Rachel's place for the recipe, give me a BIG holler or any of the TWD Bakers! ! It is definitely worth trying!! Oh, BTW, I thought the pics were pretty darn good this time. If you like, PLEASE let me know!! I AM trying to do better!!
Miss P