30 September 2008

TWD: Olé! Crème Brûlée...

First I HAVE to mention that yes, I disappeared. After ALL of that chocolate, ALL of that blogging, and ALL of the cruise I went on with my hubby (no kids) to Cozumel, I was done for a minute. It was time to catch my breath and shut off the stove, laptop and my brain.

I think I am still in Cozumel? *Olé!, Olé!*

But then, Tuesday showed up again as a reminder that I HAVE to get crackin' and put down the Pina Colada. (Oh, how I LOVE those umbrellas in my drinks....) And this particular Tuesdays With Dorie bake-off was chosen by our baking buddy, Mari of Mevrouw Cupcake on page 393 was special. NO chocolate here! (Thank goodness!) We are talking Crème Brûlée, peeps! Yes, Crème Brûlée! That real fancy, schmancy "restaurant" dessert that NO ONE in their right mind ever says to themselves, "I have to make this one day." I was NEVER once interested in even trying this before.

Here are my thoughts about this one:

  1. Surprisingly very EASY to make.
  2. Dangerously delicious. (Especially that crunchy crust!)
  3. A blow torch is VERY useful when making this.
  4. HIGHLY recommend this!

I took the liberty to add 2 TSP. of Amaretto to the heavy cream and milk when boiling and 1 tsp. of pure almond extract, cutting down 1 tsp. of vanilla, which gave it a really wonderful kick.

PLEASE check out all of the fabulous TWD Bakers! And a quick thanks to ALL of you who dropped me a line to see what rock I was buried under!

(It was a beach chair with that Pina Colada!)


Miss P


Mevrouw Cupcake said...

I like the sound of Amaretto crème brûlée! Well done, and welcome back from vay-cay land!

Rebecca said...

Ah, the sun and the sand and a drink in my hand ... There's just something about those little umbrellas and pinwheels. Welcome home!

Pamela said...

I must say that I'm a bit envious of the cruise vacation ALONE without the kids. Good for you guys! The creme brulee looks fantastic. I never in my life thought I would be making this at home. It was easy, though. So, I guess I'll be making it again!

Cakespy said...

OMG!! What a creative idea!! WONDERFUL presentation and flavor idea!! That's too cool. And the last pic says it all: the judges agree, it's delicious!

Engineer Baker said...

Hmm... I think I'd be hard put to pick between an umbrella drink and a ramekin of creme brulee, but yours looks fantastic.

Leslie said...

Sooo very cute! Love them!

Tracey said...

Looks fantastic! I love cruising - glad you had a nice trip!


Sexy creme brulee there! Anything with alcohol is! ;)