02 September 2009

Plane Crash Cake... Bad Karma?

That's it! I have done it. I think this is the longest time I have gone without blogging. I officially receive the "Bad Blogger of the Year" award! It has been hard to nail me down to write lately. Especially with trying to get the shop completed. Now I am all caught up with life and thought this one was a good one to share!

So, I get a call from a client, Stephanie, who was planning a celebration for her hubby's 40th birthday, who just happens to be a pilot. Not anything out of the ordinary, right? Well, she thought it would be funny to have her hubby's plane crashing into the side of a mountain. Of course my mind was racing about the design and logistics of creating it. It didn't dawn on me until I was telling my intern, Danielle, the cakes we had on the books for that weekend.

Danielle looked at me and said, "Isn't that bad karma?" We just cracked up.... Yup, I would think so. But Steph assured me, it would be funny. No worries......

Here is what she wrote:

"Hiya Prudence!
Here's a couple pics of your cake from Tom's 40th. We didn't have any trouble with the fondant getting too hot or too cold, thankfully. It held up wonderfully and we ate on it for a couple days after the party too! The cake was a big hit! More than one person commented on the possible bad karma :) but Tom got a kick out of it! We flew home safe and sound yesterday, despite all the weather.
Thanks again for making his birthday special! Sending you my absolute best! -Steph"

Happy Birthday Tom!!

Stay Sweet~

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06 August 2009

Octopus Cake? What's next??

Octopus..? Shark or squid..? Sure, why not? As long as it is NOT the cake flavor! lol... I was asked by my lovely client, Keri from Pennslyvania, to create a cake for a very special baby shower cake for her friend here in Clermont. She specifically wanted it to match the baby's new bedding. When she sent me a picture of the bedding, boy was I inspired!

Isn't it JUST so cute! Makes me want to have another baby.... NOT!! lol....

The top of this cake is a Styrofoam covered cake dummy. The new Mom-to-be wanted to hang on to it as a keepsake. So, I applied glass gems to it for a "bubble effect". I fell in love with my little friend on top!

What's next you asked..? GREAT news! I JUST signed the Lease on my NEW shop last Thursday. I am SOOOOOOOO excited, words can't even express it! It is located at the Oviedo Marketplace Mall, in Oviedo! My bro has come on to work for me and has been a true blessing, helping me with everything. He is the best!!

I am taking over an old candy shop so there are literally jelly beans coming out of the walls!! lol.... It is going to be painted tomorrow! Stay tuned for pics! I would love to show you the before and after!!

Stay Sweet!

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27 July 2009

Caking For A Cause...

Helloooo everyone! It has been cakes galore around here, keeping me from blogging like I would like to. It is all about setting that time aside, when life takes up too much of it! But, needless to say, I am back again!

I was going through some old pics and came across this cake I made for Dress For Success, who's mission is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. What a beautiful cause to inspire me!

I emailed the gang and asked if there were any special events in the pipeline that were in need of a cake. You know me, any reason to celebrate is a reason for a cake. This particular cake was on the house, for all of their work in the Orlando community and for the latest wave of women trying to do the best with their lives.

Here is the email brought tears to my eyes:

"Prudence - I'd like to extend a very heartfelt thank you on behalf of the entire Professional Women's Group. The cake that you made for our women was not only amazingly beautiful, but also inspiring. The ladies were blown away that you had created that special cake just for them, and it certainly provided a new level of pride and excitement in them as we celebrated our past successes and embraced a new year with the PWG.

I've attached a photo for you of our group behind the cake. Shortly thereafter the cake was devoured and all you could hear was "Is there seconds? This is delicious!" Again, thank you for infusing your talent, time and passion for our organization to create such a beautiful gift for us. You can be assured that your name and company will be shared by many through sheer word of mouth from our group..... " ~Christina Bolling, Director of the Professional Women's GroupDress for Success Greater Orlando.

By far, this is why I love doing what I do. The sheer joy a cake can bring, how many lives are touched on all levels. The feeling I get when giving a cake to people is so touching and full of happiness. And for me, special causes like this one, should be recognized and celebrated by all. It is so important to me to give back to the community, to bring smiles not only to the ones you love. But the ones who need it.

Stay Sweet~

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08 July 2009

Cakes on a plane....

Hey peeps! Hope all of you enjoyed the 4th of July this past weekend! I am fortunate enough to have my BFF (from the 5th grade) and her family visiting from Jersey! Yippee! SO, between my pool breaks, I figured I could squeeze in a great story about a cake on a plane.

Way back in February at a local Bridal Show, I was introduced to one FAB lady, Dayl, who is the Director of Weddings and Group Sales for the Old Bahama Bay Resort on Grand Bahama Island. We hit it off immediately! She asked if I could fly a couple of cakes down to the resort on their private jet for a photo shoot they were planning with award winning photographer, Teri Lowery. Yep, PRIVATE JET! Oh, I jumped right on that one!!

Great news! It was also featured in a promotional e-movie for the resort! It is the closest I have come to being on a show!! lol....

Originally, this was the top of my daughter, Lily's, 2nd birthday cake. We didn't need THAT much cake. So, I made the top from Styrofoam, covered in fondant. The very bottom pillow of this picture is real cake.

Prior to it's departure, I gave it a face lift! Lily gave to a kiss goodbye and cracked up when she saw the picture of it on the beach. She said her cake was on vacation!

Dayl and I went to lunch when she returned to the "mainland". OH the stories she told me about how the cakes were strapped in their seats with seat belts! We could not stop laughing!

Thanks so much to Dayl for this opportunity! She has been such a huge supporter of me and my cakes! I couldn't have asked for anyone better!!

Stay Sweet!
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22 June 2009

Another Stacked Box Cake (& two little cake artists in training!)

I have to admit, I love making stacked box cakes. They are SO festive and fun, really for any occasion. Just by changing the colors and theme, changes the whole cake and reason for celebration. The trick is getting them to stay open!

Last week, I received a call from a client, Tina from Connecticut, (aka "My Tri-State Sista'- I am from Jersey..) who was needing a cake a surprise birthday party on Father's Day. The party was for her mother in law, Bobbie, who was turning 70 and her father-in-law, Andy, turning 77. I jumped at the opportunity, of course. Too bad hubby! No breakfast in bed for him this year!!

So, here was the challenge... The cake needed to be delivered to Spring Hill, Florida which is 107 miles away! That's right, 2.5 hours with a cake in the back of my truck. The thought of the bumpy roads, railroad tracks, stop lights, sharp turns... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sweaty Palms are standard in this situation!!

Here is a close up... The cake was my Strawberry Lemonade flavor: Lemon butter cake with freshly grated lemon zest, vanilla bean buttercream, and strawberry filling.
Here is what Tina had to say:

"HI Prudence, I just wanted to thank you for the cake you made for our family. It was wonderful! It looked great and tasted even better. Everyone had wonderful comments to say about it. My in-laws loved it. Thanks again, Tina"

All I have to say is that I LOVE what I do! Look who else does too! My little chicas!

I gave them some left over fondant and let them go to town...

Note the white gloves! lol... Maybe they will take over the business one day!

Stay Sweet!!

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19 June 2009

Sugar Diamonds Wedding Cake...

Ah, this cake. Listen to this story... I made this cake for my older brother's ex-wife's (Tammy's)wedding. Yep, you read that correctly... It is unfortunate when two great people are just NOT the right match. After several years of trying to figure that out and bringing me one of my beautiful nieces, Kristyn, they decided to parts ways and moved on..... Sad, but true.

SO after MANY years, Tammy was ready to tie the knot again! How exciting for such a great gal!! And she asked ME to create the cake for her! What an honor... I jumped at the opportunity! The wedding was held at the Interlachen Country Club & Golf Course, in Winter Park, FL.

I ordered the sugar diamonds from Beryl's! Very cool. 100% edible!!

I added "diamonds to the cake board and propped it up to appear like it was floating...

My niece, Kristyn, and my FAB Ex., Tammy! Two beauties!!

Love you girlie!

Tammy and her new hubby, Jordan. Is it bad to say my brother-in law?

The Happy Couple! Love them both!!!

Stay Sweet!!!

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04 June 2009

Look out! Attack of the butterfly wedding cake!!

I LOVE butterflies. For some reason, I am secretly obsessed with them. I try to put them on as many cakes as I can, sneaking them in. They are so pretty and delicate. And they make a very nice added touch.

This was a wedding cake I was asked to make for my client's Tania and Todd in April. Their wedding venue was the Royal Crest Room, in St. Cloud. YES, I know, April, you ask??? I am SOOOOOOOO behind. UGH... lol..

This cake was an beautiful replication of the Winter 2009 "Martha Stewart Weddings" Magazine cover. What a beautiful cake! Totally caught my eye from first glance.

The flavor was our "Monkey Cake": banana butter cake, filled with chocolate ganache and Italian Meringue Buttercream. You can't tell by the pics, but the two top layers were separated from the bottom, giving the cake much more height and interest.

Ok, fine. I like mine better, Martha! lol...

Stay Sweet, Peeps!!

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15 May 2009

Goulish Zombie Hand Cake...

OK, ghoulish hand? What the hey, hey..?... This is May, not August! We should be celebrating all of the Spring Time activities, right?? Well, this little crazy cake came barreling at me "full speed ahead", last minute BUT so worth it. Weird, maybe? Fun, absolutely!!

My client, Isabel, was helping a friend throw a surprise "Zombie" birthday party for Miss J (Jacqueline, on the DL...) I was happy to help out. Take a peak.... It was a chocolate butter cake, with a Kahlua soak, Bailey's Irish Cream buttercream and chocolate ganache! The red blood is made from piping gel nd red gel coloring. It gave the extra yuck to it!

Here is what she had to say:

"They all loved the cake!!! It was a hit. Everyone stood around the kitchen and just loved it. The bday girl was especially pleased. We all made a funny image...all of us in zombie attire eating your crazy cake. It was cool. Thanks again!"

They even picked the cake up in their zombie costumes... lol...

Stay Sweet~

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06 May 2009

BIG Blue Bow Wedding Cake

Weddings, ooh la la! What a FAB event, happy times, lots of food and throwing down on the dance floor! And my love of wedding cakes is growing very deep. Sometimes, I find these WAY more challenging than a carved cake due to the sear perfection of this thing. I mean, in the back of my mind, a little voice keeps saying, "This cake will be on someone's album on their coffee table years from now. It better be good." I am starting to sweat just thinking about it!!
I made this cake for my client Debi's daughter, Krystal's, wedding at the Metro West Golf Club.
It was two flavors: chocolate butter cake, filled with raspberries, chocolate ganache and buttercream, lightly soaked with Chambord. The top tiers were yellow butter cake with toasted almonds, filled with amaretto buttercream and almond custard.

I brought my son for this delivery. See what happens when you turn your back??
Braces, ya think?????

Goodbye cake! Hope you get devoured!!

Maybe one day, he will follow in my foot steps!!
Stay Sweet!
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27 April 2009

Litte Mermaid Birthday Cake

Hello again, my peeps! I am back again. I carved out sometimetoday to make sure I post SOMETHING before life gets in the way. Character cakes, character cakes! I have been receiving tons of requests for these. I have two things to say, "Great" and "UGH". You all know that I love a challenge.... But I HATE these cakes. Despise is a better word. Reason being, it literally takes HOURS to get it right. I mean, who wants an "Ariel" cake that looks like the Loch Ness Monster!! lol.. If you don't nail them right, someone is going to be very disappointed. Well, I tried my best and thought I pulled it off pretty darn good, considering I was using my daughter's book, a lump of fondant and a Styrofoam ball.

The cake was the rock that they are chillin' on. It was a golden butter cake, filled with Italian Meringue Buttercream, real simple for the kids. When my daughter's took one look at the cake, the request for upcoming birthday's were flying through the air! Looks like I will be making MORE in the future!! At least until they are 6 or 7 years old!!

Happy 3rd to the Birthday Princess, Haley!! Hope you enjoyed your cake!

Stay Sweet~

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23 April 2009

Giant Waffle Cake

Hello peeps! It has been a busy week for the Cakery. With 5 cakes due over the weekend, looks like I am going to be awake for 48 hours! lol... Busy is good though, right??

This is a cake I created some time ago for WXXL 106.7 Radio Station's Johnny and Jayde's morning show crew. My hubby and I met the gang on their annual crusie to Cozumel and had an opportunity to meet with Alex Diaz. What a wonderful person! Couldn't be a sweeter guy!! No pun intended! lol.... This was the best vacation we have ever been on. Hands down, tons of fun, from begining to end. Can you believe I am now JUST posting this? UGH... The life of a cake girl..

It was a golden butter cake, filled with chocolate ganache and double cookies n' cream (golden and original Oreos). One word, YUM!! It has become one of my MOST requested flavors.

Stay Sweet-

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08 April 2009

Anatomically Correct Heart Cake?

Yes, you read that correctly. Anatomically correct!

I received a call from a cutie pa-tootie client, Jazz. who asked if I can make her a heart cake. (Heart cake, sure! Easy... Sometimes I am down for easy, considering all of the crazy cakes I have, some of which I have YET to post.) Well, of course, it wasn't a heart shaped cake. It was a cross section of the heart for her Science Fair project. Then, her equally adorable mom, Gwen, got on the phone and told me it is her daughter's last year in school and she wanted her to go out with a "bang"!

So, here it is! I have to admit, it is one of the weirdest cakes I have EVER made. And equally as weird- I totally fell in love with it. It was so cool and gross. I had a very hard time letting it go. Inside was my "Tropical" flavor: yellow butter cake, filled with pineapple, coconut and Italian meringue buttercream.

The very next day, Gwen gave me a buzz and told me the cake won FIRST place at the Fair! I was SOOOOO excited to hear the news!

Stay Sweet!
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