05 January 2009

Dog Lover's Cake

Hey everyone! I hope ALL of you had a FAB holiday and very merry New Year!! I figured that is was a good idea to start touching base again. You would think I got on that plane to Bulgaria and never came back. I truly have to say that I missed ALL of you! You guys are what keeps me here, that's for sure.

Bulgaria was absolutely fantastic! (Pics to come...) The food was delish! Lick your fingers delish. I hated the thought of coming home, dealing with the true realities on life- cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, "wifey duties".... *Yuck* Living in "Dreamland" had its advantages for sure. We only worried about where we were going to eat each night!

Life at the Cakery has been NUTS. Simply nutty. Add that to the holiday mix and you have a recipe for craziness and disorganization. Complete chaos! I ended up stay home on New Year's and working. Yep, working- alone. No kids, no parties. I have to confess that it was the best medicine.

So, I will start from the beginning of the cake craze WAY back in November! (*YIKES*) I received a call from my beautiful "sister from another mister", Lisa Bauer, one of the most SWEETEST of sweethearts! She and a few of her girls were celebrating a dear friend Charlotte's 60-ish birthday. She called yours truly and of course I wanted to make something GREAT! Charlotte's favorite love is, you guessed it, dogs. So, hence the design.

The dogs were made from chocolate fondant. I hated to part with them. They were way too cute!!

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