24 March 2009

Tinkerbell's Garden Cake

It has been a crazy month at the Cakery!! My KA mixer has been on overdrive! It has started making an awful sound, like an airplane getting ready to crash. I, on the other hand, have crashed several times! But that is a story in itself! Lot's of late, late nights and lots of cake flour. Needless to say, in all of that flour dust, I lost my camera. UGH... SO, I had to take these pictures on my camera phone!

The story: I received a request for a Tinkerbell cake from a client, Rakelle, for her sweet, itty bitty daughter's 2nd birthday. She was willing to drive all of the way over from the coast to meet with me to discuss her cake. She wanted something really unique with Tinkerbell sitting in a garden!

After MUCH deliberation, on my part, here is what I came up with, almost everything is edible. The top of the mushroom and the "garden" are the cake. The blades of grass and the flowers are all sugar! Tinkerbell's head and body and the base of the mushroom are Styrofoam covered in fondant.

There are times when I have a very hard time giving them up. They become part of the family. I was quite happy how she came out. But sad to see her go! *Bye, bye*

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