27 April 2009

Litte Mermaid Birthday Cake

Hello again, my peeps! I am back again. I carved out sometimetoday to make sure I post SOMETHING before life gets in the way. Character cakes, character cakes! I have been receiving tons of requests for these. I have two things to say, "Great" and "UGH". You all know that I love a challenge.... But I HATE these cakes. Despise is a better word. Reason being, it literally takes HOURS to get it right. I mean, who wants an "Ariel" cake that looks like the Loch Ness Monster!! lol.. If you don't nail them right, someone is going to be very disappointed. Well, I tried my best and thought I pulled it off pretty darn good, considering I was using my daughter's book, a lump of fondant and a Styrofoam ball.

The cake was the rock that they are chillin' on. It was a golden butter cake, filled with Italian Meringue Buttercream, real simple for the kids. When my daughter's took one look at the cake, the request for upcoming birthday's were flying through the air! Looks like I will be making MORE in the future!! At least until they are 6 or 7 years old!!

Happy 3rd to the Birthday Princess, Haley!! Hope you enjoyed your cake!

Stay Sweet~

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23 April 2009

Giant Waffle Cake

Hello peeps! It has been a busy week for the Cakery. With 5 cakes due over the weekend, looks like I am going to be awake for 48 hours! lol... Busy is good though, right??

This is a cake I created some time ago for WXXL 106.7 Radio Station's Johnny and Jayde's morning show crew. My hubby and I met the gang on their annual crusie to Cozumel and had an opportunity to meet with Alex Diaz. What a wonderful person! Couldn't be a sweeter guy!! No pun intended! lol.... This was the best vacation we have ever been on. Hands down, tons of fun, from begining to end. Can you believe I am now JUST posting this? UGH... The life of a cake girl..

It was a golden butter cake, filled with chocolate ganache and double cookies n' cream (golden and original Oreos). One word, YUM!! It has become one of my MOST requested flavors.

Stay Sweet-

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08 April 2009

Anatomically Correct Heart Cake?

Yes, you read that correctly. Anatomically correct!

I received a call from a cutie pa-tootie client, Jazz. who asked if I can make her a heart cake. (Heart cake, sure! Easy... Sometimes I am down for easy, considering all of the crazy cakes I have, some of which I have YET to post.) Well, of course, it wasn't a heart shaped cake. It was a cross section of the heart for her Science Fair project. Then, her equally adorable mom, Gwen, got on the phone and told me it is her daughter's last year in school and she wanted her to go out with a "bang"!

So, here it is! I have to admit, it is one of the weirdest cakes I have EVER made. And equally as weird- I totally fell in love with it. It was so cool and gross. I had a very hard time letting it go. Inside was my "Tropical" flavor: yellow butter cake, filled with pineapple, coconut and Italian meringue buttercream.

The very next day, Gwen gave me a buzz and told me the cake won FIRST place at the Fair! I was SOOOOO excited to hear the news!

Stay Sweet!
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