15 May 2009

Goulish Zombie Hand Cake...

OK, ghoulish hand? What the hey, hey..?... This is May, not August! We should be celebrating all of the Spring Time activities, right?? Well, this little crazy cake came barreling at me "full speed ahead", last minute BUT so worth it. Weird, maybe? Fun, absolutely!!

My client, Isabel, was helping a friend throw a surprise "Zombie" birthday party for Miss J (Jacqueline, on the DL...) I was happy to help out. Take a peak.... It was a chocolate butter cake, with a Kahlua soak, Bailey's Irish Cream buttercream and chocolate ganache! The red blood is made from piping gel nd red gel coloring. It gave the extra yuck to it!

Here is what she had to say:

"They all loved the cake!!! It was a hit. Everyone stood around the kitchen and just loved it. The bday girl was especially pleased. We all made a funny image...all of us in zombie attire eating your crazy cake. It was cool. Thanks again!"

They even picked the cake up in their zombie costumes... lol...

Stay Sweet~

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06 May 2009

BIG Blue Bow Wedding Cake

Weddings, ooh la la! What a FAB event, happy times, lots of food and throwing down on the dance floor! And my love of wedding cakes is growing very deep. Sometimes, I find these WAY more challenging than a carved cake due to the sear perfection of this thing. I mean, in the back of my mind, a little voice keeps saying, "This cake will be on someone's album on their coffee table years from now. It better be good." I am starting to sweat just thinking about it!!
I made this cake for my client Debi's daughter, Krystal's, wedding at the Metro West Golf Club.
It was two flavors: chocolate butter cake, filled with raspberries, chocolate ganache and buttercream, lightly soaked with Chambord. The top tiers were yellow butter cake with toasted almonds, filled with amaretto buttercream and almond custard.

I brought my son for this delivery. See what happens when you turn your back??
Braces, ya think?????

Goodbye cake! Hope you get devoured!!

Maybe one day, he will follow in my foot steps!!
Stay Sweet!
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