19 June 2009

Sugar Diamonds Wedding Cake...

Ah, this cake. Listen to this story... I made this cake for my older brother's ex-wife's (Tammy's)wedding. Yep, you read that correctly... It is unfortunate when two great people are just NOT the right match. After several years of trying to figure that out and bringing me one of my beautiful nieces, Kristyn, they decided to parts ways and moved on..... Sad, but true.

SO after MANY years, Tammy was ready to tie the knot again! How exciting for such a great gal!! And she asked ME to create the cake for her! What an honor... I jumped at the opportunity! The wedding was held at the Interlachen Country Club & Golf Course, in Winter Park, FL.

I ordered the sugar diamonds from Beryl's! Very cool. 100% edible!!

I added "diamonds to the cake board and propped it up to appear like it was floating...

My niece, Kristyn, and my FAB Ex., Tammy! Two beauties!!

Love you girlie!

Tammy and her new hubby, Jordan. Is it bad to say my brother-in law?

The Happy Couple! Love them both!!!

Stay Sweet!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely story... and its wonderful that you could do that for her

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Pru, Kudos to you my friend. This cake is beautiful. I've got to check out those sugar diamonds. Imagine the possibilities!

As for family, I always believed that once in the family, always in the family. When my brother comes to town with his second wife, we all usually get together with his first wife and all my nephews. One big happy family. Wierd , but cool. Love and hugs.

Jodie said...

Gorgeous! I love the butterflies!

Mary said...

great post....beautiful cake and photos...I love that you are friends with your ex-sister in law...she is a beautiful bride!