06 August 2009

Octopus Cake? What's next??

Octopus..? Shark or squid..? Sure, why not? As long as it is NOT the cake flavor! lol... I was asked by my lovely client, Keri from Pennslyvania, to create a cake for a very special baby shower cake for her friend here in Clermont. She specifically wanted it to match the baby's new bedding. When she sent me a picture of the bedding, boy was I inspired!

Isn't it JUST so cute! Makes me want to have another baby.... NOT!! lol....

The top of this cake is a Styrofoam covered cake dummy. The new Mom-to-be wanted to hang on to it as a keepsake. So, I applied glass gems to it for a "bubble effect". I fell in love with my little friend on top!

What's next you asked..? GREAT news! I JUST signed the Lease on my NEW shop last Thursday. I am SOOOOOOOO excited, words can't even express it! It is located at the Oviedo Marketplace Mall, in Oviedo! My bro has come on to work for me and has been a true blessing, helping me with everything. He is the best!!

I am taking over an old candy shop so there are literally jelly beans coming out of the walls!! lol.... It is going to be painted tomorrow! Stay tuned for pics! I would love to show you the before and after!!

Stay Sweet!

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